Painting Realistic in Acrylic: 30 Step-By-Step Demonstrations Paperback
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Painting Realistic Wildlife in Acrylic: 30 Step-By-Step Demonstrations Paperback

A Master Artist Shares His Straightforward Approach for Capturing the Essence of Nature

One measure of a painting's success is the emotion it elicits from its viewer; William Silvers' wildlife scenes make your pulse quicken and your breath catch as you witness some of nature's most miraculous everyday moments. The midnight prowl of a wolf. . .a sea lion diving into choppy surf. . .a pride of elephants at a watering hole in the thick, dusty air. In this book, Silvers shares his secrets for capturing the drama, the atmosphere and the very essence of wildlife.
  • Accessible "whole painting" approach using limited materials and multiple acrylic washes
  • 15 mini-demonstrations illustrate key acrylic techniques and how to use them to best effect
  • 15 complete step-by-step demonstrations feature a stunning range of animals, including golden eagles, swans, wolves, foxes, giraffes, deer, elk, black bears, polar bears, alligators and various big cats
Full of rich colors, a gripping sense of life and masterful advice for achieving the same, this book will help intermediate artists and advanced beginners achieve new levels of success and expression.

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